Creating a 2000’s inspired romcom movie poster

Mary Holm Unique Movie Poster

The Process

I wanted to create a romcom movie poster that described a part of my life! This past summer I was a bridesmaid several times and I thought it would be fun to make something based off of that.

Inspired by 2000’s romcom movie posters, as shown below, I wanted a basic background and one subject. I took several self timer pics in a photography studio and used flash for lighting to get this picture! This is a new technique I am learning and loving. However, all of my pictures came out slightly blurry. But I had to run with it! Because of this, I tried to make the photos appear like film.

For typography, I chose contrasting calligraphy and bold fonts. This kept it interesting and beautiful to look at! This is not based off a real movie so I really could do whatever I wanted with it. Finally, I showed this to several peers and friends to receive feedback. Because of what they said, I changed the fonts up a bit. Lastly, I added my watermark and it was ready to go!  I love how this 2000’s inspired romcom poster came out!

Mary Holm RomCom Movie

Here is the original image before recreating these unique romcom movie posters.

This is one of the romcom movie posters that inspired me. From this poster, I took the idea of flowers, simple dresses, and a simple background.

I found this here:

Mary Holm RomCom Movie

This is the other romcom movie poster that inspired me. I love the simple design and the emphasis on the text.

I found this here:

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