Introducing Me

the face behind the design

Hello! My name is Mary Holm and I am a digital and social media specialist. As a kid, I loved to draw and paint. I always thought I would grow up to be an illustrator. Now that I am older, I have moved into digital design! I love photography, including product photography, landscape photography, and fashion photography. My dream is to design and create content for brands, including marketing, packaging, website layout, and more! I love seeing a brand reach its potential through great design and marketing choices.

I love Instagram! I create content daily that reflects my life and what I do. I love curating my profile to be authentic and beautiful. I pride myself on my honest and creative content. Check out my profile to take a look at what I am talking about!

I am constantly looking for ways to improve my design skills and increase my creativity. I am always working on a side project or learning a new skill! Reach out to me if you have an opportunity for me to learn and grow.


Instagram: @maryvholm @_berrycreative_