Creating a Recognizable Commercial Brand

My Commercial Photography Branding

It’s important to brand yourself and your business. This way, potential customers can recognize you and what you do. If you don’t have a consistent brand, it will confuse people. You need a personal brand style guide and use commercial photography branding. When creating this style guide, you should create a color scheme, typography plan, and business cards. Furthermore, you should create a logo with several variants that can be used in different scenarios. Here is the layout for my brand. I have merchandise options and a pricing sheet. Both of these match my branding and help me stay consistent. Notice how you can see each element of my style guide throughout the branding.

I recommend researching different style guides for different brands and see what sticks out to you. Take inspiration from others and help it fuel your creativity! Choose styles that represent who you are. My brand has warm fun colors with a hint of coolness. I included a fun font that was still professional. I love creating things that are fun but still functional. My brand’s style reflects this!

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