Podcasts are sweeping the media world, growing in popularity. If you can think of a topic, there is probably a podcast about it. Through all of these options, one particular show stands out to me: What We Said. This podcast features two best friends who discuss lifestyle, relationships, beauty, health, business, and more. Their podcast empowers and entertains listeners, including myself. To honor these girls, I have made an icon set that is inspired by them.

To get all my thoughts together, I first had to write down different lists of words that I associate with the podcast. This helped me gain ideas of what to sketch. Below you can see the different sketches I did. I took many of my ideas, tried different variations, and honed in on them from there. 

Throughout the design process, when an icon became particularly difficult, I used sketches to figure out my ideas. As you can see, I had to do a LOT of sketches over… and over… and over. BUT this led to my first drafts of my icons!

With my first draft of icons, something felt off. The feedback I received revealed to me that many icons didn’t really represent the things I wanted them to, like empowerment, feminism, and health. (and I used text, which doesn’t work with icons… woops.) So I had to start a lot of my icons all over again!

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the Dump Him license plate. I mean, come on, it’s pretty awesome.

But never fear, I sat down and got right back to it. After lots of drafts, I finally got the right icons I wanted. Now it was time to get them to their best. The feedback I received had me add depth and detail into my designs. After I applied this and added a few finishing touches, I was done! Finally!

As Jaci and Chelsea would say: slay! With the use of soft lines and quirky little details, these icons perfectly encapsulate the nature of the podcast. 

I love these icons. In the professional world I tend to be cautious of creating things that are so called “girly”. But this podcast that reminds me its okay to like the things I like and to be myself. Creating these icons helped show me that my skills and my work are valid and impressive. Enjoy!