Invisible Black Backdrop Technique

Light is one of the most important aspects of photography. It can completely change how your photos turn out! There are several different photography lighting techniques. Some of these are natural light, continuous light, ambient light, and flash. Of all of these techniques, flash is one of the most interesting. Flash can do many things in photography, but for these photos I created an invisible black backdrop. For the setup for this photography lighting technique, I attached a trigger to my camera that was connected to the flash. I then added a snoot to the flash to narrow the light. With these settings below and the black, we are able to create this beautiful technique where it looks like the items are in a dark room. There was no need to edit in the darkness since it was already there! All I did in post was dodge and burn the subject to create more drama.

Flash photography can help your photos tell a story. I love how this makes the subject appear dramatic.
This flash photography technique can create beautiful product photos!
In this photo, I was able to manipulate the flash to make the lamp appear to be slightly on.

Settings: 1/250, f/8, ISO 100

Importance of the Flash Photography Technique

It is so important to experiment with your photography lighting techniques! Flash is just one of many different ways to light a photo. Use light to tell a story, show a product, or product creative photos. Have fun with it! Comment down below if you have tried this technique or would like to!

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