Since I am not currently taking any creative classes, I have decided to focus on keeping up with my photography skills. As part of my routine, I assign myself a new photography challenge every week. The task I set for myself this week was self portrait photography.

At first, I wasn’t excited about this self portrait photography project. While I enjoy taking photos of other people (and selfies hehe) self-portraits are not my go-to genre of photography. The challenge of not being able to see how the picture looks when I take it because the screen of my camera doesn’t flip around, and the struggle to capture clear shots using a timer, made it even more difficult. Posing myself to capture my best angles was also challenging, and it was hard not to judge the pictures with bias based on my self-confidence.
Despite these hurdles, I knew I couldn’t put off this task any longer. I was determined to do my best to get the best results possible!

I set up my photography equipment in my bedroom and put on my favorite movie to keep me company throughout the challenging process. I had to improvise by stacking books and containers to get the right angle with my dad’s industrial light. I used an app that connects my phone to my camera to get a better idea of how the shots would look. And then I began to work.
After several hours, I managed to capture a few shots that I’m proud of! Although the creative process can be difficult and frustrating, it is always worth it in the end. This self portrait photography is easy once you get down the setup!

Plus I got a new profile picture, that’s always a win.

Now for the results of my self portrait photography:

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