As I enter the last semester of college, I feel overwhelmed. I am starting the hardest classes in my major while trying to find a job for when I graduate. And I don’t want just any job; I want a job that helps me follow my passions, be creative, and find joy. Every day, I search LinkedIn for opportunities, trying to find a way to stand out. I struggle with feeling inadequate with my skills and creativity. There are so many people out there who are doing better, have more experience, and better ideas than me. Who am I to say that I deserve a job more or would be a better fit?

There is one company I have been following, which is exactly what I would want. Wonderkind is an agency that has a beautiful and creative vision and executes it brilliantly. They create content for food and beverage brands and are a women-based company. As soon as I found it, I knew I wanted to work with them. It’s one of those things where you have this dream, and part of you thinks, “It HAS to happen,” and the other part thinks, “That will NEVER happen.” Not a very fun way to think, now is it?

In all my classes, I hear repeatedly about portfolios, resumes, networking, and experience. Sometimes, I think if I hear them again, I will explode. I have all of those things. But are they GOOD enough? Most of the time, I don’t think so. But I’ve got to keep trying. I have to remember why I am doing this and how it brings me joy. I am going to continue to work hard, improve my website, polish my resume, and gain more experience. But in this article, I am just going to showcase some work that I am proud of. I know I can do hard things, and I know I can achieve my dreams. What is meant to be will happen, as long as I do my best. Thank you, and enjoy.

This project is my baby. If only you could see it in print, and be able to flip through the pages.

I love my personal instagram. I share pretty much everything on there. If I have a thought, why not tell everyone? If I create something beautiful, why not share with all my friends and family?

Single in a town where everyone is getting married as fast as they can? Yeah, I made a social media account about it.

This is some of the most basic content I have made for someone, but the feeling of being able to help a friend with the skills you are passionate about is a great feeling.

I had a podcast for a while. My capability to talk on and on helped with that. I found it wasn’t really my thing in the end, but I am glad I tried. You never know until you try, right?

Here is just a slideshow of random things I have created and loved. And yeah, not all of it is amazing, or even great. But it’s mine.

You can look at so much more of my work on this website. I do my best to post and show what I am doing. My social media accounts are the best way to see what I really do. It really is what I love. Hiring managers and those sort of people must hear that all the time, “I am passionate about social media and creativity.” But it is true. I have tried many majors, had so many different jobs. But I have come to the conclusion that this is what I am supposed to do. My social media and designs and all that are my art. They are how I am able to express myself to other people. And I hope you can see that.