Media is so saturated with ads for anything and everything. In order to stand out you need to make something that stands out. Here is something I created! It is a conceptual makeup ad for Glossier. When creating a conceptual ad, you need to do something out of the box. Almost all of Glossier’s ads are taken in doors and in studios. I wanted to do something outside, showing that the product can be used anywhere. Here is the final ad!

MaryHolm Conceptual Makeup Ad
Mary Holm Conceptual Makeup Ad
Here is the unedited version of my photo! I had to bring up the shadows and brighten the colors so the trees stood out better. Post work is a big part in photography.

Conceptual Makeup Ad Setup

With this conceptual makeup ad, I placed the product on a balcony with green trees in the background. I then had a friend take a gold reflector to create a warm glow on the product. This way, the product was lit up as well as the background. I love how it came out!

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