As a social media intern, I get to help solve different problems we have. One of these is getting traffic to our blog. Our communication team publishes amazing articles that provide student advice, inspirational stories, and more. However, not a lot of people visit the blog and read the articles. We needed to figure out a way to get people to visit our site, besides posting about them when they are published.

We came up with an idea using our stories. The New York Times publishes stories every day that show different articles they have posted in the past, with a link, a topic it correlates with, an image from the story, and a little blurb about the story. We wanted to do the same thing.

I was fortunate enough to be put in charge of doing the rest. I created a spreadsheet that included all the articles, along with their links, Bitly links, topics, blurbs, and the number of times they had been posted. I made a branded story card template that I could use. Every day I create 3-5 stories and post them.

I have found that the topics that get the most link clicks are student advice and jobs. These get at least 5-7 link clicks each time. These story cards have improved the traffic to our blog, and will continue to do so! I’m so proud of this project and I can’t wait to continue solving problems with my creativity and skills.